Richard Dassah

Richard Dassah receives 2018 phase-four Winner: Camera Category Award

Richard Dassah


Winner: Camera Category


Photography is more of a hubby to me driven by passion. Having the power to freeze time alone makes me feel like super hero. 

I was used to taking photos with my phone till last two years 2017 when I got introduced to the DSLR Camera. At first it felt scary but the transition was an awesome experience. From coming to understand the DSLR Camera and the magical worlds you can create with it hmmm, I was really missing out. 

I heard of the Ghana Photo Challenge (GHPC) early last year 2018 through a friend. I got the opportunity to follow phases 1, 2 and 3 until the 4th phase "Craft" which I decided to be a part of. 

It's was a very great experience from understand the theme to getting the right shots.

I actually did a couple other 2 craft shots of a Blacksmith and a Smock weaver but this very shot of the potter which submitted for the phase stood out among all of the images I took. It took me 3 different visit attempts to the potter's house before finally getting the opportunity to do the shoot. It took persistence and a lot of sacrifice to get the work done. 

To be honest at first I only joined the GHPC to have fun not knowing I was joining a train to greatness. Now I get to study photography with the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) to become a Certified Photographer what a dream come true.

GHPC has really exposed me to a lot of challenges and experiences. Being awarded with the winning photo doesn't make me any better than the other participants, I admire every single submission and I really learnt a lot.

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity. 

Ghana Photo Challenge (GHPC) is the next big thing.