About Background


Most photographers label themselves as artist but do not commit the time to their craft.  It is only by committing and by practicing the craft always, that enhances development of skills. Going against the pattern and pushing yourself is incredibly important as artist.

The Ghana Photo Challenge do not seek to find the best photographer or the most skilled photographer, but what we are looking for is to find great pictures. Pictures that are thought-provoking, storytelling, informative and compelling. The fact remains that photography is a powerful medium of communication.

Even as we are exposed to so many different activities around our daily lives, we miss opportunities to “see” the storytelling scenes and intriguing moments. Our senses are mostly overwhelmed with the big picture and we are not able to filter the noise to focus and see what we are really not capturing as artist or we tend to take it for granted, and often underestimate its full impact.

Looking for images that match an "arbitrary prompt" forces one to see differently. The arbitrary prompt forces us to step out of our comfort zone, literally and figuratively. The Ghana Photo Challenge forces one to be mindful and observant. This is why we are using a “theme based” photo challenge to unearth creativity to show the unseen or what you do miss and also to reward creative photo artists.


Create a repository of storytelling images by creative African Photographers.


Unearth photo creativity with storytelling images from Ghana, Africa.


Push creativity in the art of photography. Create a repository of storytelling images from Ghana. Reward creative Ghanaian photographers.