About Ghana Photography Community

Ghana Photography Community organisation is the organiser of the Ghana Photo Challenge.


Ghana Photography Community is a registered non-profit organization which seeks to impact lives, develop communities and project the image of Ghana and Africa with Photography. We also project Africa in areas such as culture, commerce and tourism. We promote creativity and offer capacity building opportunities in the Ghanaian Photography Industry. We offer the platform where professional photographers and potential clients meet.

Are you a visual story teller, educator, Ghanaian professional or emerging photographer? Ghana Photography is the place for you. We promote the highest levels of achievement and lobby for the interests and rights of all photographers, especially in the commercial photography industry. Our life partner is the Association of Professional Photographers, Ghana (APPG).

Members participate in community development projects, photo festivals, photo exhibitions, expedition tours, trainings, workshops, award events and have their images showcased to on our website and social media platforms. Members retain full copyright to their images and their name will be credited for every image.


To be the hub for Ghana Photography Stakeholders and an advocate of African image.


Create a vibrant community of professional photographers to impact lives and promote community development. It is the aim of Ghana Photography Community to promote the interest, appreciation and participation in photography by all levels of photographers throughout all genres and to attract and inspire potential new photographers via programs and activities that advocate educational and artistic growth in the photography industry. Together with our life partner, the Association of Professional Photographers -Ghana (APPG), we seek to educate members on entrepreneurship skills, new and emerging technologies, media and their impact and applications in business and culture. Ghana Photography Community also seeks to promote the visibility of its members by showcasing their work and creative talents. We support photography-related charitable and educational causes that serve to benefit the needy and deprived communities. Ghana Photography Community brings professional photographers across Africa together and provides a sense of community that is simply unavailable anywhere else.


Members get a portfolio page on our website and a booking link for potential clients. More details soon…