Jacob Nii Marley

Jacob Nii Marley receives 2018 phase-four Runner Up: Camera Category Award

Jacob Nii Marley


Runner Up: Camera Category


Photography has been an avenue for me to better communicate my thoughts and views as a creative and as an intellectual. Interesting to note, I have a background in Visual Anthropology and Heritage Studies and key in all these fields of study is photography which I am happy to integrate in all I do.  

As a professional career path, I started doing photography from February 2018, however, I have been an ever-learning enthusiast since 2014 practicing with android phones. It started with the use of smartphone cameras in taking photos of scenes that appealed to my aesthetic eyes and these mainly comprised landscapes and macros of wildlife. I never had a DSLR to practice or work with until 2018 and seeing the Ghana Photo Challenge ran the previous year, I so much wished to be a part of it, however, my interest was capped with the initial restriction of entries to photos produced by dedicated cameras (not smartphone cameras). Nevertheless, my interest and eagerness to be a part of this challenge never died out and by the beginning of the 2018 edition, I got a DSLR camera.  Most importantly, I was mentally determined to make it to the top no matter how many times I may have to reenter the challenge.     

I submitted photos for phase one – hidden beauty and phase two – new beginnings but failed to make the shortlist. Moving on, I shot for phase three – street but I was unable to beat the deadline for submission however, I successfully submitted for phase four – craft and by God’s grace my photo made it to the final for runner-up position. 

The themes of the various phases personally drove me to think deep and make photos rather than ‘take’ them. It has been such a dramatic experience for me and a good learning curve which is certainly worth the experience. I would like to say a big thank you to the organizers and judges of the Ghana Photo Challenge for the brilliant initiative and to the sponsors for helping make this possible.

God bless you all!